Only human, you know


“Why is there writing on that car daddy?”

Alvin buried the axe head in the log he was splitting and looked up. “It says, “Just Married.””

The little boy watched the car pull into the next camping spot. “You mean like Auntie Jo and Uncle Jim?”

“Yep. These people had a wedding too and now they’re on a little holiday to celebrate. It’s called a honeymoon.”

“Mommy!” The youngster ran to fetch his mom from the tent. “Look, look.” He grabbed his mom’s hand and dragged her towards the neighbouring camp spot.

“Shush,” she admonished him with a grin. “We’ll leave them alone. Give them some privacy. Let’s go see if Dad needs help stacking the kindling.”

And so, the newlyweds set up their tent in peace, the young family had their supper, and all settled down for the night.

At four in the morning, Alvin crept out of their tent and, taking the trail beside the newlyweds’ camp spot, made his way to the outhouse.

Returning to his tent, he once again passed the newlyweds’ tent and heard, “Good God, Gladys, not again. I’m only human you know.”

A huge guffaw escaped. Nor could Alvin contain the bursts of laughter that followed. Silence from the tent. Still chuckling, Alvin snuggled into his sleeping bag.

Up at six to start the campfire for morning coffee, Alvin glanced over at the newlyweds’ site. Empty. No tent, no gear, no car.

“Sorry,” he mumbled between snorts of laughter.


5 comments on “Only human, you know

  1. Thanks. It’s true. A friend of ours is the Alvin of the story and he had a big booming laugh, so you can imagine how the young couple would have felt.

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